What is a custom digital image? Well a picture is worth a thousand words.
Below are examples with brief explanations.
This is a Senior Yearbook image. It began with a High School Senior "Kati" in a 1956 Chevy. The original photo was black and white. There was no rose, no cat no little girl in her MacDonalds hat in the original photograph. The photo as it now looks was all digitally composed the rose was added, the car was colorized, the little girl is her, on her fourth birthday at MacDonalds, and the cat, her cat Boofer. This made a very fun, very original, and poignant Senior Class picture.


This Photo is for beer drinkers who love Star Trek. Beer Borg Started as a black and white photo of stacks of beer kegs at the Coors Brewery. It was tilted had it's perspective changed, got stuck out in space and there it was Beer Borg. This is an example of custom digital work. As you can see stunning images can be made for fun or for advertising and other business needs.

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